Armond White is one of the most creative thinkers alive. His pop culture analysis is razor sharp, unique, and defiant. He is also one of the rare critics who recognizes the meaningful connection between visuals and music. His music video deconstructions are frighteningly cutting edge. When I read his writing, I feel like I am reading my inner id: reject common wisdom, find the fearless truth of your own voice. Anyone with a creative soul will love Armond White.

—Joseph Kahn, film & music video director

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Keep Moving: The Michael Jackson Chronicles
by Armond White

The Community of Desire: Selected Critical Writings (2001-2007)
by John Demetry

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Who Walk In Brooklyn >> Armond White's Michael Jackson: Keep Moving

Brian Berger shares the joy of his discovery of later Michael Jackson while also conveying his anticipation for Keep Moving: The Michael Jackson Chronicles by Armond White.

Here's a taste:

There’s a new book in town! Now that the professional mourners have put their veils and candles away, the enormity of the artistic life of Michael Jackson remains. To help us make sense of and celebrate those numerous achievements, Armond has put together a collection of his MJ writings under the title Keep Moving and although not in my own hand yet, I assure ya’ll, it’s the best thirteen bones ($10 + $3 shipping) ya’ll can spend on the subject. (See The Michael Jackson Chronicles for ordering info and more.) Why? Because Armond knows. He’s from Detroit. He worked in Brooklyn at the City Sun. He’s our favorite writer about David Lean, Robert Bresson and the recently Mos Def-approved Charles Burnett (see Mos’ superb The Ecstatic, best BK hip-hip album of the year), among other filmic things. In 1992, Armond won an ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award for his essay on Michael’s “Black and White” video title “The Gloved One Is Not A Chump”— indeed.

Thanks for great blog entry, Brian! And thank you for the order!

To order Keep Moving: The Michael Jackson Chronicles by Armond White:

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