Armond White is one of the most creative thinkers alive. His pop culture analysis is razor sharp, unique, and defiant. He is also one of the rare critics who recognizes the meaningful connection between visuals and music. His music video deconstructions are frighteningly cutting edge. When I read his writing, I feel like I am reading my inner id: reject common wisdom, find the fearless truth of your own voice. Anyone with a creative soul will love Armond White.

—Joseph Kahn, film & music video director

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Keep Moving: The Michael Jackson Chronicles
by Armond White

The Community of Desire: Selected Critical Writings (2001-2007)
by John Demetry

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Monday, August 24, 2009



Table Of Contents

Introduction: MOVING FORWARD

Chapter 1: Janet, The Last Black Jackson

Billie Jean music video

Beat It music video

Thriller music video

Chapter 2: Understanding Michael Jackson

Bad music video

Bad album

Chapter 3: The Gloved One Is Not A Chump

Black or White music video

Chapter 4: Sibling Song

Word to the Badd!! single

Chapter 5: “How Deep Is Your Afrocentricity?”Ask Michael & Iman

Remember The Time music video

Chapter 6: Michael Takes a Bow for Jam

In the Closet music video

Jam music video

Chapter 7: Father Figure

The Jacksons: An American Legend TV movie

Chapter 8: Videos Change the Style of “Black Film”

Chapter 9: Jackson’s TV Ad Makes Rhetorical History

HIStory teaser promo

Chapter 10: Screaming To Be Heard, Book I

HIStory album

Scream music video

Chapter 11: Screaming To Be Heard, Book II

HIStory album

Chapter 12: Montell and Michael Exploit/Explore Happy-Negro Fallacy

This Is How We Do It single

Chapter 13: Earth Song Moves Music Video Mountains

Earth Song music video

Chapter 14: Jackson and Jam-Lewis Hope Louder in New Remix

You Are Not Alone music video

You Are Not Alone/Scream Louder Remix single

Chapter 15: Lists & Prizes in the Arts for 1995

City Sun Year’s Best Excerpt

Chapter 16: Hear, My Dears

Blood on the Dance Floor album

Chapter 17: Remembering “Ben”

Willard film

Chapter 18: Song of the Day: Man in the Mirror

Chapter 19: Jackson Pop: Music Video Artists and Hollywood Influence

Chapter 20: In MJ’s Shadow

Chapter 21: Twenty-First Century Renaissance




  1. We are millions.
    And we will not be silent.
    Not this time.

    Something beyond vicious was done to Michael Jackson, and everyone knows it. Even now after his death, the same people who went after him for no greater reason than personal ambition, seek to justify their persecution by painting him as a cheap drug addict. Yes, Michael was taking an extreme drug at the end. The effect of such a drug however, is not to heighten consciousness - but to obviate it.

    But what got him there? What made a young man known for his abstention - to the extent that he didn’t even drink pepsi, end his days in a made-to-measure trauma room? Does anyone care that a little boy from Gary, Indiana who grew up in front of the world's lens, worked for every cent he ever made by dint of his own blood, sweat and tears, dazzled millions of people with his craft and passion; was so ill-served and abused by first - his father, then the American criminal justice system and a collusive media, that oblivion was his best case scenario every night.

    Life has a way of moving you on, even from the most painful of things. But I know I will carry the summer of 2009 inside me forever. Actually I want to carry it, I am honoured to carry it. As a reminder of what we have lost collectively and what I personally will never forget. I am not ashamed to be heartbroken. Show me someone who can remain unmoved in the face of the epic trajectory of this unfeasibly talented human being, the seemingly ambivalent legacy of that which he leaves behind, the sheer magnitude of what Michael Joseph Jackson achieved here - and I will show you a stone.

    For this is legend. We have witnessed legend. Other generations had theirs.
    This is ours.

    And I will show respect.

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